If you do a search through the OSHA 29 CFR health and safety standards, you will not find any regulations specific to safety in the office environment. Instead, several standards cover safety in the workplace in multiple environments, including the office environment. It is important to be aware of office health and safety, as well as provide office safety employee training on health and safety standards, in order to reduce the number of office accidents in the workplace and resulting lost production and revenue that results from each office accident. These 29 CFR 1910 health and safety standards that apply to office safety include:


Stay Compliant With OSHA Health and Safety Standards When It Comes to Office Safety

1. Safety in the Workplace Training on First Aid, Chemical Use and Safety (there ARE chemicals used in offices to clean, etc.); Germs and Bacteria (Remember the last flu season?! ); Positive Attitude; Slips, Trips, and Falls; and Workplace Violence

2. Computer Workstation Ergonomics

3. Health and Wellness Training

4. Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace

5. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

6. Workplace Stress

7. Emergency Plans & Crisis Management

Look through the OSHA 29 CFR 1910 health and safety standards listed here and the safety and health issues they represent. Begin a health and safety program to emphasize the importance of safety in the workplace. Gather employee training DVDs and other helpful office health and safety procedures on each topic, and begin an office safety program for your office that routinely introduces and later reviews (should be included with the employee training DVDs) these safety and health issues and the ways to minimize or eliminate them. And remember to keep records of who has participated in each training session for your health and safety program records. (Training Logs should be included in employee safety training materials.)

This site provides workplace safety articles to give you direction on how to start your health and safety program. It offers a checklist for office safety procedures, to help you identify safety and health issues in your safety and health management program. While this website is no substitute for looking directly at the health and safety standards of OSHA 29 CFR, it can give you a jump start on the best ways to promote safety in the workplace . . . specifically in the office environment.

Make office safety a priority!