Why Bother?  Why go to the trouble of providing safety and health training for employees who only work in an office environment?  Do employers really lose thousands of dollars a year because of injuries and illnesses in offices around the country?  Apparently!  Just Google “office workplace injuries” and you’ll see a host of ads for accident lawyers and worker’s compensation lawyers specializing in office injuries.  Add to that higher insurance premiums after a workplace illness or injury, as well as the lost revenue from having to replace an employee even temporarily, and yes, an injury or illness in your offices could cost you big bucks!

Occupational Health and Safety in the Office - Preventing Office Injuries for a Better Work Environment



It makes sense to be proactive in providing safety and health training for your employees, and following up on that safety and health training on a routine basis.  This practice of making occupational health and safety a priority in your work environment will serve you well.  It establishes your good faith efforts to emphasize workplace safety and health, and that will go far in defending you against personal injury claims for negligence as an employer.  But even more basic, the more you show your employees that you care about their safety and health, the more they are likely to be dedicated employees who work for your best interest as well!  Workplace health and safety training is a win-win for both the employer and employee!

OSHA calls occupational health and safety training “the backbone of this [safety health] system.  For management to lead, for personnel to analyze the worksite for environmental health and safety hazards, and for hazards to be eliminated or controlled, everyone involved must be trained.”